Docker, GAAD and Accessibility, Stack Overflow Survey vs. UCD Survey

Published Apr 12, 2016 by Scott Kirkland, Christopher Thielen

The second meeting featured three topics: Docker (Matthew Favetti), GAAD and Accessibility (Joshua Hori), and a Comparision of the Stack Overflow Survey and UCD Survey (John Knoll).

Below are compiled notes of the meeting:

Re-Welcome & Miscellaneous

Slides (guest presenters have additional slides linked below): PPTX, PDF

Christopher Thielen began presentation:

  • Welcome to all newcomers.
  • Meetings moved to second Tuesday of the month (next meeting will be May 10, 2016).

Application Security SIG

Jevan Grey introduced the Application Security SIG and discussed its importance.

  • Meetings are the third Tuesday of the month, 10-11am in 1310 Surge III (The Grove).

Continuing Miscellaneous

Christopher Thielen put out a call for content area specialists as one form of community building. Anyone who is an expert (or close enough!) or knows one should nominate the individual. Interested areas include Java, C#, Python, Drupal, Javascript, ColdFusion, and more.

The App Dev Mission Statement was re-introduced:

The UC Davis Application Developer’s SIG provides a regular space and communication channel for campus developers to come together and learn new technologies, new techniques, understand software trends, and encourage collaboration. Our goal is to increase developer engagement, offer training opportunities, and improve overall software quality.

Developers are encouraged to join the community at:

Introduction to Docker

Slides: PPTX, PDF


Matthew Favetti gave a presentation and demonstration of Docker.

GAAD and Accessibility

Slides: None

Joshua Hori discussed GAAD and accessibility concerns. Developers are encouraged to join in on GAAD and improve campus website accessibility. Some examples include:

  • Using screen readers to better understand the importance of clean markup
  • Ensuring a website can be navigated using only the keyboard
  • Addressing concerns with drag & drop interfaces

Stack Overflow Survey vs. UCD Survey

Slides: PPTX, PDF

John Knoll presented a summary of the recent Stack Overflow Developer Survey and discussed how it compares with our own survey from the last meeting.

Next Meeting

Topic suggestions are welcome. Possible topics:

  • NodeJS
  • AngularJS 2.0 and Typescript
  • Web layouts with PatternLab

Quote of the Meeting

From Tom Cargill, Bell Labs:

The first 90 percent of the code accounts for the first 90 percent of the development time. The remaining 10 percent of the code accounts for the other 90 percent of the development time.


There were 32 individuals in attendance.

A list was not taken.