This is a community-generated list of software projects developed at UC Davis.

Please add your projects to this list regardless of whether the source code is available or the project is open for reuse.

The purpose of this list is multi-factored:

  • Discover what project categories have been worked on
  • Discover what technology stacks (language, frameworks, etc.) are being used on campus
  • Discover what development teams exist on campus
  • Encourage project collaboration and re-use as allowed
  • Encourage the open source philosophy as allowed
Name Team Description Technologies URL Source Contact
ACE (Course Evaluations) CAES Dean's Office Handles Course Evaluations for almost every student at UC Davis ASP.NET C# MVC, AngularJS, Redis, ElasticSearch Scott Kirkland
Commencement CAES Dean's Office Handles Commencement Ceremonies for UC Davis ASP.NET C# MVC Scott Kirkland
Give CAES Dean's Office UC Davis Donations Website - donate via credit card to support UCD ASP.NET C# MVC, ElasticSearch, ServiceBus Scott Kirkland
PrePurchasing CAES Dean's Office PrePurchasing allows users to submit any type of order request, aids in the departmental approval process & seamlessly integrates with KFS ASP.NET C# MVC, ElasticSearch Scott Kirkland
Chekhov DSS IT Simple repeatable checklist application with API integrations. Ruby on Rails Christopher Thielen
DevBoard DSS IT Developer dashboard to coordinate to-dos, exceptions, project timelines. Ruby on Rails Christopher Thielen
Instructional Planning and Administration DSS IT Instructional planning software for staff, faculty, and teaching assistants. Java, Spring Framework, AngularJS 1.x Christopher Thielen
DSS Messenger DSS IT Templated mass-messaging for service notices. Ruby on Rails, Docker Christopher Thielen
DSS Roles Management DSS IT Create smart groups automatically from LDAP/IAM data and sync memberships to Active Directory and other APIs. Ruby on Rails Christopher Thielen
DSS Wayfinding DSS IT Interactive map kiosk software, borrowing from the School of Law's project. Ruby on Rails Christopher Thielen
PEAKS CAES PEAKS allows departments to keep track of People, Equipment, Access, Keys, and Spaces. ASP.NET C# MVC React Scott Kirkland